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Reasons to Address Digital Assets in a Prenuptial Agreement

It is now widely understood that drafting a prenuptial agreement can aid even the most devoted couples in strengthening their relationship before marriage. Although prenuptial agreements were once stigmatized, they are now embraced as a legal tool that helps couples work through important issues and set expectations in advance of marriage.

Just as the perception of prenuptial agreements has changed over time, so has the focus of these agreements. In the past, attorneys and couples were primarily concerned with safeguarding significant assets in case any given couple would one day opt to divorce. Now, the focus of prenuptial agreements is often prevention of future marital stressors including disputes related to property and hidden assets. Most recently, expectations related to digital assets have become a topic of discussion in many prenuptial agreement drafting sessions.

Should you co-parent or parallel parent post-divorce?

In many states, including here in Illinois, there is a growing consensus that kids often do better after divorce if they can maintain frequent contact with both parents. Sometimes, this means awarding joint custody. Sometimes, it means giving the non-custodial parent significant visitation rights.

In either case, the two parents need to find a way to put differences aside in order to continue parenting their child or children after divorce. This is not easy to do, nor is it always possible (it takes commitment on both sides). In today's post, we'll discuss two similar but distinct methods of parenting after divorce: co-parenting and parallel parenting.

The Factors Considered in a Child Custody Battle

Unfortunately, divorce is just as much a reality in society as is marriage. Divorce is never pretty; however, divorce is sometimes even uglier when there are children involved. While the parents undoubtedly have their disagreements, they can agree that they both love their children.

Parents generally do not want anything to tear them from their children and will do anything to win a custody dispute. With this in mind, it is important that parents involved in a child custody battle understand the different factors that are considered when deciding what kind of custody to award. 

Finding Happiness after a Divorce

Divorce is one of the most challenging life experiences that anyone can grapple with. However, there are times when divorce is the healthiest option available to a couple. Divorce is an intimate decision and it is ultimately up to you and you alone to determine whether it is the healthiest option for you.

If you do decide that divorce is the best option given your situation, you are likely experiencing some strong emotions right now. You could be navigating shock, hurt, jealousy, anger, worry and fear. Processing strong negative emotions in the wake of a decision to divorce can be a daunting task. However, it is necessary to embrace this process in order to move forward in healthy ways. Here are a few ideas to consider as you navigate this time.

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