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What you need to know about Divorce

XII. Conclusion

Divorce law used to remain unchanged for years at a time. This is not so today. Laws are constantly being revamped to match the rapid and massive changes in family and social life, as well as the ever-rising divorce rate.

If you are contemplating the initiation of divorce proceedings, we respectfully suggest:

a) That the first ten days of your divorce will affect the tenor of the proceedings throughout its duration;

b) That you litigate from a position of strength, not weakness;

c) That you never look for a fight, but don't back away from one either.

The ability to address your problems head-on calls for an attorney skilled in the utilization of creativity, diligence and goal-oriented aggression.

Whether your objective is to "get what you deserve" or "keep what you've got," we believe THE MULLER FIRM, LTD, is uniquely qualified to handle the nuances of divorce and seek a result on terms most favorable to you.

Consequently, we invite you to see why each year, more and more Chicagoans agree:

"For the LAST word on SETTLEMENT
is the FIRST name in DIVORCE" ©