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What you need to know about Divorce

Admittedly, divorce attorneys deal in levels of dissatisfaction because no one can ever be "happy" to pay money to a lawyer so they can receive a fractional share of something in which they once enjoyed the undivided whole. But your decision of which lawyer to retain will have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a divorce and, consequently, your "satisfaction."

We suggest that you interview attorneys that have been personally recommended by friends who have successfully used their services or by a trusted member of the bar.

We suggest that you assess an attorney's ability to comprehend and deal with the specific issues which concern you and your case. Trust your intuition. Your gut-level feeling about an attorney's personality and demeanor counts because they are someone you will have to respect and feel comfortable with.

We suggest that you ask about fees. But remember, the lawyer who charges the least is not necessarily the one to choose. Bear in mind that in divorce cases an attorney cannot make their fee "contingent" upon the amount of your recovery because of ethical constraints and, as a result, the fee charged is a reflection of the time and expenses incurred on your behalf.

Finally, we suggest that you hire an attorney who concentrates their practice in the area of Divorce and Family Law, as an attorney experienced in this field may charge a higher fee at the onset, but their skill and familiarity with the subject matter might also help to streamline your case, shorten its duration, lower the total cost of the proceedings and ultimately obtain a more favorable outcome for your divorce.