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What you need to know about Divorce

"A lawyer's time and advice is his stock and trade" - Abraham Lincoln

Because divorce is often a harrowing struggle over custody, child support, maintenance and property division, its cost will depend on several factors: the amount of time your attorney must put into the case, the complexity of the issues involved, the degree of conflict between you and your spouse, your attorney's level of expertise, and how the case is concluded.

The court may order each party to pay his or her own legal fees. Or one spouse may be ordered (or agree) to pay all or part of the other's fees. These matters are often decided by each spouse's financial resources or by who initiated the proceedings. It is important to note however, that as fees are paid from the couple's marital assets, in effect both parties pay their own way.

Suggestion is made that prospective clients determine the issues at stake prior to consultation with an attorney and then predicate the requisite legal fees upon a risk-to-reward ratio (i.e., what you have to pay for what you hope to get). That way, the fees quoted will seem more realistic in relation to the work you expect to be done on your behalf.