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What you need to know about Divorce

Statistics tell us that today:

*One out of every two marriages in the U.S. will end in a divorce;

*The average length of a marriage is seven years;

*Three out of four divorces are initiated by the wife;

*For the purpose of determining alimony (also known as maintenance) in Illinois, a "long marriage" is considered one of at least fifteen years;

*By 1990, 1,175,000 American couples were divorced, and 1,045,750 children were involved in these divorces; and

*Divorce courts throughout the State of Illinois, alone, handle approximately 25,000 new cases per year plus an enormous amount of post-decree matters.

Observation tells us that despite all the efforts of legislators, judges, attorneys, mediators and proponents of men's, women's and children's rights to make a divorce easier and more equitable, short of serious illness or the death of a loved one, divorce is still one of the most traumatic events an individual can ever be expected to face.

Common sense tells us that regardless of our cultural or religious backgrounds, divorce has become commonplace in American society. Consequently, it is unwise to dwell on the stigma of divorce or the reasons your marriage may have "failed." It may be wise, however, to realize that the best years of your life are yet to come . . . when you are free to seek happiness on your own terms.