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What you need to know about Divorce

The title to this booklet applies the word "consideration" to two applications:
First, consideration can be defined as "careful thought". Indeed, as you are now reading this, you have probably given some careful thought to the possibility of divorcing your spouse. We are well aware that this may be a time of uncertainty
for you and hope that not only will some of your questions be answered here, but that you can gain a quiet reassurance that our knowledge of the law, as it relates to your divorce, will be applied to obtain a result in conformity with your goals.

Second, consideration can also be defined as something "in return for" another. For example, those elements necessarily exchanged to make a binding contract such as a Marital Settlement Agreement. Be well aware that long after the emotional aspects of this experience have subsided, the need for a solid financial foundation upon which to rebuild your life will remain, and that a competent attorney should temper personal compassion with an empirical appreciation of your present and future economic needs.